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Hi, I'm Adam. I'm an actor/comic book writer from LA, living in New York. Junior at Sarah Lawrence College. I'm 20. Straight. Single. You will see: Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney, Cosplay, Welcome to Night Vale, amongst other things (I post about my personal life fairly often).
I also run holycomicblogbatman and an NSFW blog (message for a link)

So basically one of my good friends runs this, and asked me to pass along the message. Im a supporter of the burlesque club here (I really need to go to it now I have time). But yeah. Please give it a read and give even a dollar if you can. 

Short Summary

Burlesque Fitness has the dream of helping make collegiate burlesque accessible to college students who are interested in learning the art form of burlesque. We are a group that promotes both body positivity and burlesque learning and exploration. As a group we are always looking for new ways to learn and expose new members to the world of burlesque. We are looking to fundraise and go to the Great Boston Burlesque Expo. We were only partially funded by our college and are looking to raise the rest on our own. By going to this expo we can allow students a full exposure to classes, shows, seminars and workshops, as well as networking opportunities. We are fundraising money so that members can attend, we can travel to and from the expo, stay at the hotel, and feed ourselves. We are looking to bring approximately 8 people to the expo. With your help we can open the dialogue about what burlesque is and how it applies to Sarah Lawrence College students.

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